Welcome to Nurugel

Our exceptionally slippery SliqGel (pronounced "Slick Gel") brand Nuru Massage Gel is known throughout the world for its unique characteristics. Nuru Gel can be used for any type of massage, but it is best experienced when used to give a Nuru Massage; the exotic body-to-body massage that is unlike anything you've ever felt before.

We Proudly Offer 3 Types of Nuru Gel

Standard SliqGel
Our standard 9.4 ounce size of Nuru Gel is good for one or two massages. It's a great choice for those looking to experience their first Nuru Massage.
Large SligGel
Our large bottle weighs in at a generous 18.6 ounces of SliqGel's famous premium gel. Perfect for those times when you really want to keep the party going.
Jumbo SliqGel
Our Jumbo size bottle holds a whopping 36.4 ounces of SliqGel goodness. Ideal for the true Nuru afficionado.